Helping Others Access Truth, Courage, and Love Though the Practice of Nonviolent Communication

Communication is a fundamental part of human life, and it is one of the most important ways we as humans attempt to get our basic needs met. In spite of its omnipresence in the world around us, communication is not always successful in its mission. By allowing our fears of separation and scarcity to manifest in the way we speak to one another and ourselves, communication often incites blame, shame, and sorrow in our daily lives, rather than the hoped for compassion, hope, and healing.

Living in the awareness of nonviolent communication has given me and many others another way to hear and interpret messages that are difficult to hear.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) provides the necessary tools to live peacefully with myself and others. In the continuous work of living Nonviolence, we experience three gifts of life inherit to every person on the planet : Truth, Courage, and Love.

I began studying NVC years ago with the intention of healing my life; through the journey I discovered the profound gift of being with others in their journeys of healing, as well, and over time I have built a practice of supporting individuals, families, friends, and communities in their pursuits of living nonviolently. I have found that, with a willing heart, a committed and mindful practice, and the support of a mentor or model of honesty, vulnerability, and transparency, there is enough light for each step along this new path.

I invite you to step onto the path with me, to join me in embracing integrity, empathy, and presence, so that we might together enjoy the beauty of life that NVC reminds us to see.

-Carlene Lizana-Maginnis

Mission Statement
From the place of my own personal transformation through Nonviolent Communication, to teach and to live nonviolence authentically, so that others may benefit from this life-changing modality.


These are the values I hold closest to me, and they guide my actions concerning my work and Nonviolent Communication:

  • Integrity- I am committed to being honest with myself and others, and upholding the principles of nonviolence at all times. Integrity includes courage, honesty, transparency, authenticity, and self-responsibility.

  • Vulnerability- I believe that the human spirit is interwoven through us all, and we are able to genuinely connect to each other through the power of vulnerability. I cherish the freedom, liberation, and truth that vulnerability brings.

  • Empathy- I am committed to connecting with others where they are and experiencing their emotions with them; empathy encompasses the practices of peace, love, compassion, and sensitivity.

  • Presence- I deeply value being present in the here and now, which allows me to cultivate awareness, curiosity, and nonjudgement in myself, as well as model it to others.

  • Beauty- I bear witness to the beauty present in all aspects of life—even during times of loss, sorrow, and unease. Beauty encourages our human creativity, imagination, and vitality.


Nonviolent Communication brings freedom and liberation into the space between the self and others, serving as a gateway to awareness of life without blame, criticism, and judgement that create the illusion of separation and scarcity.