Attending a blend of 1-3 of these services is recommended for the most effective and efficient Nonviolent Communication experience:

Workshops: Implementing the influences of Nonviolent Communication, single and multi-day workshops offer basic to advanced exploration of NVC. A few examples of past  workshop titles are:

  • Living Nonviolence

  • The Art of Listening

  • Supporting Families and Youth with Nonviolent Communication

  • Simplifying Difficult Conversations

  • Compassion Through The Holidays.......and Beyond

  • The Art of Setting Boundaries Through The Lens of NVC

  • The Practice of Self Compassion…and Why We Need It

  • The Foundations of NVC, Parts I and II.

  • NVC and The Twelve Steps; The Tools That Tell You How To Live Recovery

  • “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!”

Mediation: Applying the principles of Nonviolent Communication, mediation supports individuals in relationships toward understanding value judgements, making understanding and reconciliation more likely to occur.

     *Fees for Mediation: Mediation fees are discussed per individual, couple, or family.  

One-on-One NVC Coaching: In these sessions, skills of empathy, listening, self-expression, and making requests of others are learned and honed for practical, everyday use in families, workplaces, and personal self-discovery. 

     *Financial Packages for One on One Coaching:

  • Individual Coaching: $135 for 70 minute session

  • Package of 4 sessions: $440 for four 70 minute sessions; a savings of $100.

    Payments for Coaching may be made at the bottom of this page.

Classes: Topics are often presented in a series such as 4-, 6-, or 8-week series. Some previous classes, both zoom online and on location, are:

  • Relationships…Through The Looking Glass of NVC (Zoom Online)

  • Transforming Habits of Communication

  • What Are 'They' Really Saying? The Power NVC!

  • The Foundations of NVC, Classes I and II

  • Living An Empowered LIfe

  • Embracing Life With Gratitude

  • A Study on The Vortex of Submission (10 weeks)

  • Are We There Yet? Living Empathy

Practice Groups:

  • The Ongo Practice Group, Daily Practices in Mindfulness, NVC, and more.

    This is 12 week session using the Ongo Book. It is an inclusive group with no drop ins during the 12 weeks to create connectivity in community. There were three 12 week sessions in 2018. The next group will begin in 2019. Dates for the 2019 groups will be listed in the bimonthly newsletter and here. To subscribe to the newsletter, please send a request through this website under contact.

  • If you would like to offer a practice group in your area, please contact me. I’m happy to support a new group getting on its feet!


Have questions or want more information?  Check our Events page for upcoming events near you, or our Contact page for more ways to connect with Carlene.

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